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6 Ways To Motivate Yourself in Blogging, Especially #1

6 Ways To Motivate Yourself in Blogging, Especially #1
Making a blog with user friendly design is very essential for making it successful. But that is not the only thing a blogger should be concerned about. A blogger who understands his visitors, I mean readers, and who satisfies them, will always find success. But what’s happening today? Many bloggers are unable to accomplish their pre-set goals and therefore giving up theirblogging career. Where do you think the mistake lies? Let’s find out.

What should you look for – Visitors or Readers?

Many bloggers live in a misconception that getting more trafficmakes them rank high and earn more money. Certainly, the more traffic you get the more revenue you can generate. But when you depend upon fresh and anonymous traffic every day, you’ll surely find a black day when all your traffic almost disappears.

I’m serious, even Darren Rowse had a day when he almost lost his business long back in 2004. He then realized not to place all his eggs in one basket i.e. depending completely on Google for traffic and revenue.

So, what should you look for? Both are important for a blogger to earn and rank his blog.

“A visitor is a temporary reader and a reader is a permanent visitor”Both can benefit you and help you raise your income. But that’s not what we should consider now, one should be more concerned about “giving more to them.”

Relationship Management Just like CRM, you should be more concerned about maintaining a long term relationship with your visitors. That’s what builds your readership. Treat your visitors as customers and try to respect them and make them your loyal readers. But the strategies to be applied will be entirely different here, because you will not have a direct contact with them. So, how can you implement it?

Tips for newbies:

Since you’ll have very less or almost zero traffic in the very beginning, it’s a little tough task for you to build readership. Hey! It’s not that difficult if you really capable. You shouldn’t just concentrate on writing for robots (search engines). I agree that it’s really hard to drive traffic to your blog via search engines. So, it’s better to drive them from other blogs. Confused?

You’ve not started a blog just for someone who is new to web. People who need your content were already active on the web somewhere in social sites or other blogs. Now your duty is to just make them know that you have the content that they’re looking for.

Tips For Bloggers

  • Attracting visitors is easier than retaining them. You might be having anywhere between 1K to 100K readers i.e. followers and visitors. Have you ever worried about them? If not, it is the time to act to benefit them and get benefited from them.
  • Don’t post what you know, give them what they need
  • Don’t go straight into the topic & don’t end it the same way
  • Let them know that you have all what they are looking for
  • Show your visitors that you’re really caring them
  • It’s better to offer them incentives through giveaways

People want something especially prepared for them; all you have to do is, use direct speech. This makes them feel that you’re talking to them directly. Also, ask them some questions related to the post they are reading.
What happens when you ask a question? They come up with an answer and interact through comments to your post. By doing this you can’t expect everyone to comment, but at least you’ll see a spike in comments.
There is nothing great than story telling when you want to express something. That even works for bloggers. I don’t mean that you should always tell stories; include some real life examples in your posts. If your post is theory, the example you mentioned will be a proof to it.

For you, it is a Blog and for your readers it should be a ‘Brand’. What is the difference? If you create a brand image for your blog in their minds, they’ll trust you. You know what; such readers even help your blog to reach their friends by sharing on social media.

Whether it is referral, direct or search traffic, a visitor lands on your web pages to find a solution to his/her problem. If your posts just solve such issues, he may not look back at you again. So, how to make them stick to your blog every day?

As said in the above tips, just notify him that he has more content on your blog that boosts his cognizance. Let me give an example to you.

If your post is Tips to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes you can include a related post like ‘3 Creepy Myths about ‘Buying’ Facebook Likes Nobody Wants to Tell You‘. Yes, you’re right it’sON Page SEO and you should never forget it.
Final Word

Once you achieve loyal readers, don’t neglect them. Try to implement the fifth point I quoted in the above list i.e.Giveaways. Since the giveaways are shared on social sites, you get more visitors at no extra cost.

A few days back a Giveaway on ShoutMeLoud has got more than 4000 entries. If I’m right, SML should have got 4000+ FB shares plus tweets. What else do you want by spending just a few dollars?

In their attempt to gain readership, some bloggers prefer black hat techniques. For example, consider Rap Genius, it got penalized by Google (when Matt Cutts saw its story on Hacker News) because it spammed to rank better. However, they later contacted Google (via open letter) and cleaned up the spam.

They say that ‘Content is King’, that’s fine and of course true. But who is a visitor (or a reader) then? Don’t miss them at any cost and now everything is up to you. Help them and make them happy and returning to your blog.

How To Verify Your Facebook Page or Profile ? Steps To Become Verified

Facebook recently introduce new feature to show that a page or profile is verified or not. As a normal Facebook user we all create account or page with our name and it is also possible to create multiple account on same name. Their are number of same name pages or account for any celebrity, public figure or for any business. So Facebook take serious step to make clear that which one is official for all the rest of others. This verification show that the page or profile your are visiting official represent someone or maybe a property of anybody.


What is verified Profile or Page ?

According to this new option some pages and Profiles are claim as Official and verified by Facebook. You may observe on many profiles and pages their is Blue Color Tick Badge just in the next of name.

Facebook only four type of pages or profiles which are 
  • Celebrities 
  • Journalists 
  • Government Officials 
  • Popular Brand or Businesses 
These are four categories whose pages and profiles are claimed by Facebook based on their popular. Suppose if you have any local business which is popular then Facebook may claimed your page if you are official representative. Then their is no need to submit any type of request to Facebook. They automatically claim your page as verified depend on some details and minimum requirements mention by Facebook.

How To Get Verified ?

If your profile or any Page whose your are official representative and also based on above mention categories then their are chances of your page to get verified. Actually Facebook does not have any request form to claim verified this is totally automatic process done from Facebook side. So to become verified in future you should have to do some changes in your Profile or Page 
Your page should be official represent your local business or any personality and may be have some popularity on Facebook.

For Facebook claiming process your page or profile must have minimum details because if you add full details accurately then Facebook automatically check your provided information if they find your page or profile details accurate and helpful then verify your page here are two parts mention by Facebook to become verified
Link To Your Profile or Page From Official Website and also link website on your page or profile.
Provide accurate information in details about your business in About Section of Page or Profile

In About section must add significant long and short description, keyword who represent your business, Email, Website, Products and verified page location with claimed business address and other details in Page Info tab. Just for example as shown below

For more details visit help center here for Profile or Page About info.

These are some tips which help you to get verified if your profile or page is official. Facebook don't guaranteed about all pages to get verified because its totally depend on Popularity and accuracy. So add all information and wait until page processed your profile or page to make you verify. According to me it takes almost 40-50 days after adding info to get verify if Facebook approved your account or page.

I hope you learn something new in this article to make your business or powerful and trusted on Facebook also. If you have any question feel free to share your comment.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Blogger one Should have With Them,

Expressing yourself and your thoughts and what you know on the internet. Sometimes its difficult for you to post regularly on your blog when you are away from your computer or laptop. But know you can post daily or expressing your thoughts whenever you want with help of android apps for blogger. Now a days android market become a most popular with their newly apps. Android is a operating system for mobiles. It is a Linux based operating system.With the help of these applications you can post directly from your mobile whenever you want. So below i can introduce you some best application for blogger.

Top 10 Best Android Apps For Blogger

1. WordPress
WordPress is a most popular blogging system on the web. If you have a WordPress blog you can editing, publishing and checking your analytic data through the installation of android app.
If you are busy and out of home or away from your PC this app allows you to post whenever you want from your mobile phone by which you can daily post for your readers. With the help of this app you can create post, edit and manage your comments etc.

2. Tumblr
Tumblr is a micro blogging system on web. It is a famous for its social Media network.You can post text,photos, videos, links, music from your browser, phone, desktop and email. You cal also customize your themes from HTML coding. Additional feature is you can saving drafts, scheduling posts and viewing previous posts. This app allows you to post texts, link, music, videos etc.

3. Blogger
Blogger is a another most popular platform for blogging.It is same as WordPress and Tumblr blogs.It is a simple user interface you can compose new posts, editing, publishing images and videos directly from your mobile phone with the help of this app.You can download blogger from the Google play store. This app allows to you check your stat, manage comments and compose new posts.

4. Live Journal
Live Jornal is a one of the social blogging platform where you can share photo's, artworks, your thoughts and other experiences.If you are a long time fan of LiveJournal than don't worry you can posts, manage your comments and manage your posts you have published with the help of this app whenever you want from your smartphone and tablet. You can download this app from Google Play Store or from Android Market.

5. Google Analytics
Google Analytic is a tool for monitor how's your blog going on. With the help of this application you can check your blog or site traffic, ranking and site statics wherever you want. Google Analytic also help to observe adsense.

6. Writer

Writer is a Word Processor tool.Sometimes its difficult to write posts in the other apps, you want to only write and not to want that anything can distract you.So in this app you can only be concentrate on writting without any other distraction.

7. PayPal
PayPal is online secure way to transfer money and also for receiving. So its best to download PayPal app to see transaction at that time where its not possible to access PayPal on PC. So its an easy to pay someone and easy to make deal at where you want. So it is a necessary part for all bloggers for marketing.

8. Disqus

Disqus service offers commenting facilities on website or blog. So its also helpful for commenting and its management. By installing this app you can easily comment on your site. Also able to read latest comments and deleting any spam comments. So its also good feature for mobile blogging.

9. Google Drive
Google Drive is free storage hosting service by Google. You can easily use any gmail account, for each email id storage space available is upto 15 Gb. So also download Google Drive app on your android to store images, videos, and File. So its also helpful for mobile blogging.

10. Photo Editor
Photo Editor app is helpful to click picks and for editing. By using Photo editor app you can easy make images and upload them on Blog. If you are posting or having any blog related to images and then its help to reduce work load and also great and helpful app for mobile blogging.

I hope these ten apps are helpful for bloggers without pc access and easily do blogging on mobile. If you have any interesting and useful app for mobile blogging must share with us

7 Ways To Write A More SEO Friendly Post for Blogger

Search Engine Optimization is very important for web masters now a days because it determines whether or not their site is relevant to web users. Search Engines are very hard to please and they quickly penalize anything they deemed unworthy of attention. Thus, most masters try their best in writing SEO friendly post. 

Being new to the blogging industry or simply aiming for a higher web page rank will encourage you to write more SEO friendly post. However, this endeavor is easier said than done. The following are seven ways on how to make this daunting task a little easier and manageable. Apply them wisely and you will surely boost your site's reputation and rank in no time.

1. Content will always be king

You need to be aware of the relevance of the content that you're going to post in your website. Avoid writing about stuff that everybody already knows and instead, try to write engaging articles for your readers. There's a big chance that your content will be shared on a larger audience if it's helpful to a number of people.
In addition to that, keep in mind that your site should prioritize quality over quantity. Be choosy when it comes to publishing those articles because they can make or break whatever it is you're doing!

2. The KISS principle

Most veteran writers will tell you that you must remember the KISS principle when writing important stuff. The acronym stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid". The readers of today have limited attention span. Bombarding them with too much information on the get-go will bore them in no time.

Try to write as clear and as direct as possible. Avoid using too much adjectives and weed out stuff that's unnecessary to the overall content. Lengthening your material by using lardy words is more trouble than its worth.

3. Keywords can hook or annoy your readers

The readers of today hate web masters who are "using" them. They know if you're just trying to spam something and this could lead to them leaving your site for good. Thus, it's essential that you choose your keywords wisely and only use them sparingly.
Putting too many keywords in your article could totally backfire on you. Be aware of how many keywords you're using and minimize them when the need arises.

4. Find your angle

The world wide web has a plethora of information that readers can find with just one click. Thus, writing about unique stuff is going to give you that much edge in the cyber space. On the other hand, actually doing this is no walk in the park!
You've got to write with an angle when you're working on your content. An angle is a side of a story that not everybody is talking about. Give it your own twist, specify when you can and veer away from generalizations in order to show your originality. In addition to that, be mindful of the site's niche. See to it that your post won't stick out like a sore thumb.

5. Forced links will only do you harm

Squeezing a link about winning money when you were initially talking about ways on how to improve one's blog will certainly annoy your readers. Veer away from traditional SEO writing and instead, make the links a part of your post. Do that and you will be ahead of the curve in no time.
In addition to that, use anchor keywords that are natural. Anything that's going to degrade the wholeness of your work should be avoided at all cost. Incorporate only when the link fits your work.

6. Proof reading should never be taken for granted

You need to remember that correct grammar and spelling will make you appear as a more credible writer. Thus, you're more or less required to proof read your post before showing it to the public. There are tons of site today that can help you do this.
Moreover, you can ask a friend who is skilled in writing to double-check things for you. You cannever be too safe when you're writing SEO friendly post.

7. Images can add an extra flair on your post

You need all the help you can get when you're optimizing your article and so, choosing the best images that will go with your material is a must. Creativeness is highly rewarded in the Internet. Utilize your brain juices to the fullest and find ways on how you can have better pictures for your article. Also, don't forget to write an appropriate title and description for every image. In this way, even those with slow Internet connections could have an idea of what image you're using.
Look at social media sites like Pinterest and Picasa in order to have a better idea of what people love seeing. An excellent image could create the difference between a boring article and an interesting one. Why not take pictures of your own? You could even tap a new talent there and discover photo blogging while you're at it! Just see to it that you're not trying to hard because readers hate copycats and wannabes.

Bonus Tip:-

Make it easy for your readers to share your killer post. The more publicity your work could get, the higher chances of you getting on the good side of Google, Firefox, Bing and other search engines. Needless to say, you should also keep in mind that promoting your post is a must. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to your advantage. Again, just see to it that you're not spamming. Otherwise, social media will be counterproductive to your overall goal. Everything in moderation!

Search Engine Optimization friendly posts are important for those who are trying to get a higher page rank. Utilize the above mentioned techniques and you will surely have an easier time boosting your web site's reputation.

Do you have ideas on how to write SEO friendly posts of your own? Why not share them and help others build their own page reputation

How To Create Without/Invisible or Blank Name Facebook Fans Page

Facebook is a biggest social media networks as we all know. Facebook have number of different features for connecting with our friends and other people by using Pages, groups and events. Mostly We like number of different pages just for getting latest updates and news. But the pages have any particular name which we remember and almost every brand, website or any personally have their official page. But instead of all the Facebook pages have your ever seen any page without name ?? means page with no name and having black portion on the actual page name place.

Facebook having number different tricks which are not fixed at all. As i post about single name account which is working from since last year that trick also got too much good response i recommend everyone to must know about that amazing tricks which is Now today i am going to discuss about creating your own Facebook page without any name just black place instead of name with easy and few steps. If you want to create your own new page follow all the below given easy steps


How To Create Without Name Page ?

  • Log in your FB account then visit the option create new page or Click here
  • Now Choose any Specific catagory which you want 
  • Now Simple copy the below given character 
  • After copy above character paste them in the place of Page name 

  • Now check the box of terms and condition and click on Create Button. 
  • Your new page will be create whose name looks like as shown below 

  • Now go to Edit Page >> Then Update Page Info 
  • Click on Edit button of Page name 
  • Then remove all the character present in box of page name. 
  • After removing all press Enter button. 
  • Refresh your page again and page name will be disappear and you have done. 

If You want to Invisible Page name as proof the Click Here

Make sure that all the characters of page name are removed successfully. If you are not sure then check them on both Mozilla and chrome because sometimes Mozilla show no character but chrome show's. So make sure that page name will get disappear.

I hope you find this trick amazing and working. If you have fun with this trick feel free to share it with your friends and others on facebook also and impress them :)

If you have any question feel free to ask me in below comment

Facebook Invite All Friends in single click Google Chrome Extension

This trick helpful for those Facebook user. which have to many friends in there account and they want to invite them all into event, page or group. But they find it very difficult because if have 1000+ or much more friends. Then to invite all friends selection one by one take your lot of precious time.

How Invite Facebook All Friends in single click Google Chrome Extension

But by using this simple trick you can invite your all friends in just a one click.
This trick only for Google chrome
  • Firstly Install this Google chrome extension 

  • After that add button will appear on your Google chrome 
  • Then open open your Facebook event invite friends window 
  • Then your all friend list will appear in box simply click on Add button your all friends will select automatically 

That all you have successfully  Invites All Facebook Friends with in a single click by using Google Chrome Extension

Add all Friends in Facebook Groups by Single Click

Facebook groups are best place for any discussion with your own choice friends or other members. No one from outside can interfere in group without admin permission means groups are totally different from pages. As in my recent post i discuss about invite all friends in event and pages. Which is to much helpful for inviting too many friend within few secs and its totally time saving method. This trick is totally safe there is no need to worry about you protection and security because many users worry about its account security while using any trick or technique due to lack of knowledge about security and privacy.

Now here is another one trick about Facebook groups. If have too many friends in profile and you find it difficult to add all friends one by one, so it is a wastage of time. So here is simplest way which will help you to invite friends into group within few mints

If you want to add your all friends in group by just single click then follow all steps carefully.

Open Your Google Chrome Browser.
Then simply install below given extension and small icon will appear in browser toolbar.
After Installation open your Facebook account in which you want to add friends.
Then click on the small icon which comes after installation and wait for few mints to process

Just take a look on all steps how to do as shown below.


If Face any type of problem and want any type of suggestion just feel free to share your comment.
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